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Course Descriptions

Our classes meet every Sunday at 9:15am

Our ministry helps lead the followers of Christ to a deeper spiritual maturity and introduce Jesus Christ to those who don’t know Him. Our ministry activities are organized to best share the gospel with each age and personality.


0-36 Months Old
We provide a safe and fun environment for your child, and their security is our highest priority. Every staff member has completed a background check and are continually being trained to perfect your child’s church experience.


3 & 4 Years Old
Our Pre-K class introduces your child
to our great God. Each story is accompanied with a moral lesson and fun crafts that will develop them into strong men and women of God.


5 Years Old
This class introduces your child to the Bible stories we all know and love. Each story is accompanied with a moral lesson that will continue sowing the seeds of faith in Jesus Christ.


1st & 2nd Grade
Our Primary class continues what has been started in the kindergarten course. Each age appropriate Bible story is accompanied with a moral lesson and practical application.


3rd & 4th Grade
 In the Middler class we encourage scripture memorization and nourish a discussion with each student. We want to lay a strong foundation of strong Biblical knowledge.


5th & 6th Grade
Our Preteen Class strengths the internal faith of each student. The lessons begin teaching students how to defend the faith and continues developing scripture memorization. 


7th & 8th Grade
 The Teen Class continues the process of strengthening faith in each student. Each lesson focuses on teaching students how to defend the faith and share the love of Christ with others. 

High School

9th-12th Grade
 Our High School class focuses on current events and applies Biblical values to the difficulties in our society. Students learn how to communicate and apply Christian thought in all circumstances.

College & Careers

19-25 Years Old
The Young Adults are currently studying “Beyond Belief, Exploring the Character of God” by Freddy Cardoza. Each session has a video clip to watch, followed by a
script with discussion.

Adult Class 1

For Adults 26+
This class follows the Assemblies of God Bible Study materials. This includes videos, and teacher/student interactions that reinforce a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Adult Class 1

For Adults 26+
This class provides an in depth study of the books of the Bible. The two main objectives are to find God’s meaning in scripture, and what personal application can be applied to our lives today.

Preparing To Serve

For All Adults
A series of elective classes with a focus on a commitment to serve God through Church Membership, Discipleship to others, and actively involved Service for the Lord.